About Linda Bischoff, DID, ARIDO

Like you, Linda Bischoff is passionate about the integration of nature into our built environment. Her passion for style, colour and feng shui inside, flows to the outside with an avid love of gardening, nature and animals.

With over 30 years experience in Corporate Interior Design, Linda is a recent graduate of The Sunstone Centre’s Feng Shui Professional Certification Program, which is recognized as a Gold Standard Program by the International Feng Shui Guild.

Over the years Feng Shui has developed in different directions, resulting in a variety of “schools”. There is usually more than one way to achieve a desired result.

All classical feng shui schools and methods were developed in China based on the observations and analysis of landforms, waterways and structural placements. Form and Compass are more traditional Feng Shui practices. There are many other contemporary Feng Shui practices reflecting the evolution of Feng Shui in modern times.

Form School or Celestial Feng Shui is the oldest; originally concerned with the placement and orientation of tombs for the dead, and later its principals were transferred to the buildings used by the living. It examines and assesses the “form” of physical objects and shapes in the natural and built environment.

Compass School involves numerical calculations based on the direction in which a building faces, determined by a western compass or a Chinese luo pan. The Bagua is then applied to the nine key areas which influence different areas of life. Birth dates are sometimes taken in to account in certain calculations that help to identify the relationship between individual people and the energy pattern of the environment.

Avalon Lane Studio practices Traditional Feng Shui methods that include methodologies from both the Form and Compass Schools.

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