About Linda Bischoff

Red Ribbon Feng Shui Practitioner; Well AP; Diploma – Interior Design

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people find joy and beauty in their lives by helping them to create balance and harmony with their surroundings.


Some of my happiest childhood memories were of exploring the bush on the farm where I grew up. Nature had created a wonderful playground for me, which also provided me with the foundation and understanding of how natural elements impact our well-being. Even as a child I felt that I understood the impact of the things around us. It wasn’t until much later in life that I fully understood the energy associated with these things and the deep impact it has on our well-being.


I haven’t ever forgotten the need for this deep connection with nature (I’m almost always barefoot!). I am an avid gardener; I like to say that my soul sings when my hands are in the dirt. I instinctively approach my garden with the understanding of the need for the movement of energy; that things are constantly moving and changing and this movement needs to be acknowledged and supported; that there is a need for constant communication with the earth, never forgetting the importance of the synchronicity of our movements with her changing energies.

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Remember the things that grounded you as a child? What energy made you feel good then? What energy makes you feel good now?


Basic Feng Shui principles focus on the flow of this energy, or "Chi", that connects us to our surroundings. Have you ever walked into a room where you feel like you belong? That’s what a good space feels like - a place where you feel safe and comfortable. We thrive when we feel good energy around us. We thrive when the energy of our homes support our thoughts and emotions. We feel motivated when our surroundings support our goals, lifestyle and values.


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