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Now more than ever before, it’s important that our environment supports us. Many of us have experienced some form of COVID fatigue, and the importance of mental health is now front and centre.


When we feel a synchronicity of the energy flow of our surroundings and our bodies, there is a deep impact on our well being. Feng Shui categorizes the flow of energy into Yin and Yang. Yin energy is nurturing, like the cozy secluded feeling of a closed floor plan with few windows and artificial lighting. Yang energy is reflective and open, with firm and straight lines, large open windows and much natural lighting. Its important to curate harmony and balance both of these energies in our workplaces.


Give some thought to what you want the overall wellness of your office to be in support of the general well-being of your employees. When planning a renovation or relocation, include a Feng Shui practitioner as part of your project team. Consult with your Feng Shui practitioner regarding your current office space to confirm that the elements are equally represented and working in harmony.


Think about things like Sustainable Building Practices and Biophilia. As we move forward into our “New Normal” this is a great time to initiate some change and develop a Wellness Blueprint to support your business.

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