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Folklore tells us that Feng Shui is a mystical way of bringing luck and good fortune, when in fact it is the practice of designing spaces to create synergy with nature.

Chi is the flow of energy. We feel this energy around us as it is constantly moving and changing and makes us feel either good or bad. Chi can accumulate in your space as it flows in through your doors and windows.

When Chi is moving too fast or becomes stagnant it can have a negative effect on you and your environment. With Feng Shui we introduce enhancements or cures to  keep the chi balanced and flowing nicely through your environment instead of running too fast and straight through it.

What to Expect

Personal Reports

First Visit Client Package

  • Feng Shui Reports, Feng Shui Philosophy, Feng Shui Basics, Feng Shui Report, Five Elements, Feng Shui Personality Types


First Site Visit

  • Review of personal reports and confirmation of site conditions


Second Visit Client Package

  • Feng Shui Map, 2019 Animal Personality Report, 2019 Flying Star Map, 2019 Flying Star Report, Feng Shui Map Grid of Home Floor Plan, Salt Water Cure, 2019 Monthly Visiting Stars, Charging Feng Shui Items Feng Shui Real Estate Cure


Second Site Visit

  • Review of Flying Star Report and discussion of cures and remedies​

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